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After owning only eye and lip products from NYX, I wanted to dip my toes into one of their face products. I meticulously swatched their different foundations onto the back of my hand before I stumbled across the Total Drop Control Foundation. Just one swipe on my hand and I was impressed. Ironically, I was looking for a more light product but the high coverage and finish of this foundation totally won me over. I’ve always thought of NYX as being more of an affordable range, but their prices are definitely middle end. Read on to see my thoughts of the wear time and feel of this foundation and my opinion of the price tag attached.

‘Total Drop’

The selling point of this product is that you’re able to control the coverage you want by adjusting the amount of ‘drops’ of the product you use. On the packaging it advises: 2 drops for light, 3 drops for medium and 4+ drops for full. I don’t usually wear full coverage foundations so I opted for 3 drops in the shade ‘natural’. Here’s how it looked when applied to my face with a beauty blender:

Shade 'natural' on face
Shade ‘natural’ on face

As I mentioned above, I really love the finish of this foundation. On the website it’s described as ‘velvety, matte’, and I definitely agree. On the face, it has a nice blurring effect and paired with the mattifying quality, it doesn’t suck the life out of your skin. However, it has quite a runny texture which I would recommend using a makeup palette to place on before applying to your face. I suggest using this hand palette by makeupboxldn from Amazon. Due to the consistency of the product, I applied it using a beauty blender rather than my Artis brush as I find thicker products work best with my Artis brushes.

Swatch of 'natural'
Swatch of ‘natural’

After applying this to your face, I would avoid using too much powder to set as I feel it could become cakey very quickly due to the velvet texture. I would also advise to use a filling primer especially on your ‘problem’ areas as I found this can slightly set into the lines in your skin; for me, this was evident around my mouth area when I smiled or spoke. As far as wear time goes, this product doesn’t claim to last for any crazy amount of hours. Wearing from around 7:45am to 5pm, I found that the foundation didn’t separate or move and only wore off a little. I think this is pretty reasonable for this time frame and the amount of moving around I do during the day.


Although I really love this foundation, my only gripe is the amount of product you get for the price. At 13ml, you’re getting just under half an ounce of product; the normal beauty standard for foundation is usually around one ounce. This foundation costs £14, which might seem reasonable, but compared to other high-end foundations which give you double the amount of product, I’m not sure how I feel. Since this formula is different to most foundations, I’m wondering how quickly you would get through the product with continuous use. However, this is still a great foundation. If you’re looking for a mattifying foundation with a soft finish that doesn’t leave you shiny throughout the day, you can’t go wrong here. You especially can’t go wrong with the shade range. With 24 shades to choose from, you’ll find something that fits you just right. Overall, NYX have done very well with this product and it’s definitely my favourite foundation at the moment.

Buy NYX Total Drop Control Foundation on Boots and the NYX website.

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