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It’s a hassle. You shave your legs in the morning and they’re prickly by night. All we want are smooth legs for at least a few days before we have to pick up the razor again. But what if you could have that all with just items found in your house? Making this exfoliating body scrub every two weeks will ensure you have smooth legs each time you shave. Here’s what you need for your closest shave ever:

Step 1

Measure out 1/2 a cup of sugar and 1/3 of a cup of oil and mix together until you create a paste. You want more sugar so it’s not too runny and resembles a real scrub. You can use a bit less if you want, this ratio will ensure that you have enough to scrub and scrub again!

Step 2

Step into your shower or bath and shave your legs as normal with a shaving cream or conditioner – no exfoliating yet! Don’t be too precise about shaving here, you’ll be picking up your razor again later. This is just to get the base layer of hair off so it’s easier to get as close as possible.

Step 3

After shaving your legs, begin to scrub your legs starting with your lower legs first. I like to scrub until I can’t feel the sugar anymore in the palms of my hand. If you have leftover scrub, use it to exfoliate your arms or lips! I like to scrub the bottom of my legs again because that’s where my hair is the thickest.

Step 4

Next, pick up your razor again and shave your legs once more; you don’t need any shaving creams for this. What’s that in your razor? Dead skin. You’re shaving even closer now you’ve removed that extra layer.

Step 5

Rinse off your legs and finish up by rubbing baby oil gel into your legs while they’re still wet. After that’s sunk in, cream your legs to make sure they stay extra smooth.

To conclude…

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend using this to exfoliate delicate areas such as your bikini line as you might be doing more harm than good. For your bikini line, I would always recommend getting a wax instead of shaving as you get smooth skin without the razor bumps.

And that’s it! Enjoy your soft, exfoliated legs – for a while anyway.

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