Eve Lom Makeup: Tried and Tested (Part 2)

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Eve Lom Makeup

Following on from my previous post on Eve Lom makeup, I’ll be finishing my Tried and Tested with their last two products; a foundation and a tinted moisturiser. After loving their oil free foundation, I was excited to try out the rest of their face range. However, I finished this review feeling torn on the products.

Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation £8

eve lom Radiance Lift Foundation in shade 'vanilla 4'
Radiance Lift Foundation in shade ‘vanilla 4’
eve lom Swatch of 'vanilla 4'
Swatch of ‘vanilla 4’

The word ‘radiance’ in the name of this product immediately sounds as if it will have a dewy finish, but not as you would expect. It still looks very natural looking like the oil free foundation, but with a slight glow. Again, it’s not very high in coverage and doesn’t cake after applying powder. Here is a picture of it applied to the left side of my face:

Shade Vanilla 4
Shade Vanilla 4 on left side of face

As you can see, it covers my freckles and slight redness in my cheeks but not large imperfections like acne. Although I really loved the oil free foundation, I think I prefer this a lot more! Even with oily skin, I didn’t become shiny throughout the day and I love how this gives you a glowing look without looking greasy. This foundation also has a SPF of 15 which is a great added bonus for protecting your skin while looking flawless!

Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser £8

eve lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser in shade 'vanilla 4'
Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser in shade ‘vanilla 4’
Swatch of 'vanilla 4'
Swatch of ‘vanilla 4’

I was quite excited to try this product as I thought it would be good for ‘quick makeup’ days where I don’t want to use a foundation. Unfortunately, I really disliked this product and wiped it off my face only a few hours after applying! From the swatch above, you can see it’s very wet and this didn’t settle on the face:

Vanilla 4 on face

Like the other face products, it looks nice on your face – but feels horrible. The moisturising effect in this product doesn’t settle into your skin but sits on your face. I didn’t put a powder over this as I thought it wouldn’t need it as it was a moisturiser. I think if I had used a powder it would have caked up immediately. After wearing this out for a few hours but I could feel the stickiness on my face and had to wipe it off when I got home. Even for £8 I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.


Overall, this line of makeup definitely has its hits and a few misses. I think my feelings on these two products are fairly clear and would recommend the radiance foundation to anyone of any skin type. Eve Lom has two very nice foundations that look very beautiful on the face, but their tinted moisturiser is a let down. These products aren’t meant for full glam looks but are for those who want to look ‘perfect’ without the heaviness and obviousness.

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