Lipstick Queen Lipstick Queen is probably most famous for their ‘Frog Queen’ lipstick as its green, colour changing characteristics grabbed everyone’s attention. They also have other colour changing products that they are known for, but today, I’m going to be looking at a few of their other products as well as the famous ‘Frog Queen’….Continue Reading “Lipstick Queen: Glossy Pencils, Frog Prince and Big Bang Glosses”

Almay Smart Shade™ Skintone Matching Makeup Finding your foundation shade has never been easier with Almay’s Smart Shade™ Skintone Matching Makeup – if you have relatively fair skin, that is. Almay’s Matching Makeup comes in three shades: Light, Light/Medium and Medium. Unlike other foundations, the liquid appears first in a grey form when first squeezed…Continue Reading “The best foundation to withstand the summer heat – Almay Smart Shade™ Skintone Matching Makeup”